Big Pitches can Change your Perspective

We are on the other side of a big pitch. Last week we spoke to a rather large media company about a project that in no small part, asks them to bite the hand that feeds them. Big Media is an easy target, for good reason but, that does not mean the whole of a company can be described as a nest of vipers. There are good people everywhere who are more than just willing to listen to project pitches about controversial subject matter. Certainly this does not mean we necessarily sold anything. But something significant happened already.

From an outside looking in perspective, I saw these corporate entities as monolithic structures filled with robots eager to do the will of the CEO regardless of the morality or ethics of the act. The circumstances of the pitch have forced me to look at huge corporations differently. Before I go further, let me reassure those who know me that I have not been assimilated or have been bought off in some sort of hostile take over of my psyche’. My economic and political point of view has not experienced any kind of dramatic shift. Let’s just say I have added layers of complexity to the model in my head.

In the pitch we were fortunate enough to have the three main subjects of the documentary project with us, each one of them proof that you can find good people in even the most corrupt companies. And on the other side of the pitch was a high ranking woman from one of these “evil” media conglomerates. She was not in any way a mouthpiece for anyone. Far from it. She was very much engaged in what our story had to say. It was clear she knew the battles that lay ahead if she chose to champion our story but, at this point it appears those challenges have not deterred her.

True as it may be that nothing may come of this specific pitch, the scenario I found myself in during the pitch has extended me bit of optimism about the world we live in. Good people are everywhere trying to do the right thing even where you least expect it.