Case Study – Sandridge Food Corporation

Case Study – Sandridge Food Corporation

The following case study was written by Ryan Galbraith director and motion graphics artist at Red Point Digital. The animation was expertly done by Magodlin Turner.

The Project

This project aimed to create a stop motion animation of a meal assembly using both traditional stop motion animation and digital motion graphics. Sandridge wanted to see the meals assembled as well as have the instructions appear on the screen.

After the stop motion animation was completed, the challenge came from maintaining that look with the added digital effects and compositing. The solution came down to interpreting all footage and digital animations down to the classic 12 frames per second we know and love from old films and cartoons instead of today’s standard 24 frames per second. This allowed both the stop motion and digital animation to feel consistent.

This hand-animated look dictated the rest of the decisions made on this project.

The Production

Our text treatment goal was to maintain that hand-drawn look as if the recipe had been handwritten and passed down through the family. Font choices, color, position, and rotation were thoughtfully made to stay in alignment with this.

We also decided to use motion lines. Where knives could seem scary and menacing, accent cartoon lines were used to provide the style and lighten the tone. Rotation lines were used on spins to imply speed, and dash lines followed everything that changed position to imply thoughtful direction.

Since stop motion is recorded without any audio, and there wasn’t going to be a voice-over, we decided to use sound design to talk and ground us into this animated world. Using caulk, xylophone, pops, etc. every action and reaction would have an interesting sound making the world feel alive.

The Results

These Sandridge videos would go on to win three awards at the Addy awards including a Judge’s Choice Award.

Thanks to the nature of the project, we were able to take a very creative spin on the content. No matter what the project is, we spend the time to make the video feel as creative and unique as possible.

Check out the videos below to view the videos and let us know what you think.