Passion as Business Plan

Adam and I often talk about what we want RPD to be. We constantly survey the projects we are doing and calibrate the projects we are developing. Its a healthy exercise I think and, with our relative size offering us much flexibility, there is little downside. As we enter our 5th year of existence a few truisms have become evident.

Everything about who we are as a company requires a commitment of the highest order. As a video production company, the end result for our customers and audiences is directly related to the time, energy and resources we put into a project. As with much of life, putting everything into something can do two things; it can either consume you and leave you drained with nothing left to give or, it can energize you and push you to new heights. But what valve directs our fate to one path or the other?

In this line of work, “passion projects,” are synonymous with lyrical money pits that never get done. One always must put the “passion project,” on the back burner when “real” work presents itself. It makes one wonder what we get of these two seemingly opposite realms to ply our trade and focus our creativity. It becomes a catch 22 quite quickly. Either you use your creative capital to make money or you spend money to replenish your creative capital. When realities like bills and food on the table enter into the discussion the scales tip powerfully to the former.

The pragmatism of choosing commerce over creativity has a price. Left unchecked most of us call it burnout.

This perception creates a dead end down either path.

As RPD continues to evolve we have determined to not fall for this false dichotomy. It is easier said then done but worth it. By focusing our efforts on projects that feed the soul as well as the bank account we have chosen a tougher path but one that already is showing much promise. Our natural proclivity to give every project our all is quickly becoming a self replenishing well of creative mojo while offering the promise of strong and sustainable growth on the financial side of the ledger. I will not lie, it has put our operation in a precarious position but, I feel once we re establish we will be stronger than ever.

Other benefits we are beginning to see is recognition from our clients that we are passionate about the projects we pursue with them. I think they sense our exceptional enthusiasm and know that the language on our website is more than just flowery prose. Up to this point we had built our reputation on professionalism and creative efficiency in producing top notch production quality and story telling. It is a subtle difference but when you add buy-in from the soul it really does take things to another level.

We are in the early stages of our experiment so stay tuned. We look forward to sharing some big news on upcoming projects and an update on how things are going!