As we all continue our part in physical distancing, Red Point Digital remains a collaborative team effort. Our team is safely working remotely at home but we are tirelessly keeping the wheels spinning, specifically in our motion graphics and animation areas. 

We continue our efforts in being the production company for a productive economy and right now we see that as assisting our community in communicating clearly with the people they need to.

Though we are collectively facing new creative challenges we know that continuing business and information sharing is VITAL. During this time of collective evolution, it’s important to communicate with clarity and precision.

With a flood of new challenges come a flood of new creative solutions. You are likely trying to figure out what your next steps should be. At RPD we have shifted a large part of our effort and focus into animation, motion graphics, and AR (augmented reality) as great ways to inform and engage with audiences at a distance.

We’re taking the precautions necessary to adapt with the world just like you are. Creating animations like the one below is an effective way to convey information quickly and with style. Gone are the walls of email text and complicated instructions. Graphics make the complex simple and digestible for their audiences.

In addition to being simple and effective, these graphics can be done from a distance and with no personal contact necessary. This ensures both our crew and our community members remain safe while productive.

Now is the time to focus on how we can help. As Fred Rogers said, in times of uncertainty look to those who are helping.

Thank you,

The RPD Crew